Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mookie and Me

This is our dog Mookie with my husband's new reading glasses. Yes we are at that age!! Everyone was having fun trying them on and of course someone said I wonder what Mookie would look like in them?? And in our house that's all it takes so one day at lunch (that's how we were able to get him to sit still) we tried it! Then we thought we need to take a picture so our daughter who is away at college could see him. We had so much fun! Of course I made it into a card and sent it off. On the inside the sentiment reads "My heart smiles with thoughts of you!" and we signed it Mookie with a P.S. - "Make no bones about it I can't wait to see you!"

The card arrived the Tuesday before Thanksgiving - the same day my husband was picking our daughter up from school. On that same day, we received some very sad news. I had taken Mookie to the vet because he didn't seem to be doing well and we were told he had metastatic cancer. My eyes filled up with tears. Mookie was the first dog we had ever owned and without me knowing it, he had crept into the depths of my heart and had laid hold of it. I remember getting into our van and I just sat there and wept. I called my husband who was on the road and shared the news with him.

Our children's heart broke as we told them about Mookie's condition. Ten years ago we adopted him from a rescue agency when he was 6 months old. Our children's first thoughts were we need to take him to the beach because that is what he loves. So the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we took him to enjoy what he loved. We live about 20 minutes from the Virginia Beach oceanfront and God gave us a beautiful unseasonably warm day to enjoy together as a whole family. Something we had not done in over a year because of our family situation. I was so thankful to God for providing someone to care for Grandma (who has dementia) so we were able to enjoy this time together! As a Mom this is one of those memories that will be etched on my heart forever. Mookie thoroughly enjoyed himself and so did we!

A week later we had to put Mookie down because his condition had greatly deteriorated. He was a rescue dog who was a rescuer. When our youngest had put a small clear tube from a watercolor brush in his mouth Mookie stopped playing with our oldest daughter and just sat by the baby until we came and took care of the problem. When the baby would venture up the stairs he would follow closely behind. Then there was the time he let us know during the middle of the night something suspicious was going on and long and short of it my husband and I were summoned as witnesses to court because Mookie helped alert us to an attempted armed home invasion in the neighborhood. Mookie would let us know whenever Grandma was on the move or someone was coming. He was also our helper and companion and I thank God for every moment that He gave us with Mookie. I know this was long but thanks for letting me share my heart with you today!


LeAnne said...

Oh, this makes me sad, but so happy that Mookie was a part of your life. Grieving along with you as you mourn.

Vicki C said...

OH MARLENE.. I'm so sorry hon,that you have had all this going on, and I didnt know. I SO TOTALLY Understand all of this more then you and even imagine. Our lives seem to have so many parallel things. We are lucky that Aly has been with us and pretty well since her diagnoses ..but she as not been doing well these last few weeks. We feel so blessed to have had this last year with her. Your family honored Mookie in the PERFECT way! It's just the sweetest story ever. Oh.. so touching. You have an amazing family .. I can tell. Mookie was so lucky to be part of such a loving family. Thank you for sharing with us and letting us into a really special part of your life. I'm so touched. Wish I could give you all a hug.