Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Project idea - May Day, Mother's Day or Teacher Appreciation

Our son's school celebrates May Day by delivering baskets to the neighboring homes of the school. I had the privilege of making the baskets this year. When I was brain storming with the Director of Development from the school on what this year's basket might look like I sent her a link to some of Vicki Chrisman's ideas  as seen here and here. She liked what she saw and sent home some Vienna Cafe cans and ribbon and I took off from there. The  bright pink is not what I would normally gravitate to but I certainly enjoy it - fun and festive! (Sorry about this so so photo I had a full memory card and was in a hurry so I just took one quick picture to send off my idea to the director to get the go ahead for the project.)

The 2.5 inch wired ribbon was the perfect fit for these cans! I just attached it with Scor - Tape. The handles were made from some little Dollar Store grape vine wreaths. Tip - the thinner the vine the better because it is more pliable. I used a nail to pierce the metal cans for the handles and a Cropadile for the plastic containers. I wrapped some foam tape on the ends of the handles to keep them in place. I do not have a picture of the completed project but the folks at school added roses and other floral items to the baskets.

Funny story  when I was making these I did not have all the containers and they would come in from day to day. So I being the organized (?) stamper that I am stamped, cut and embossed everything at the beginning. I told a friend my only worry was that all 50 containers wouldn't come in and would I need to come up with something new - we laughed and I said I just need to trust God. Well wouldn't you know after the first 25 were done and I had finished off my spool of ribbon when the Director calls to let me know she couldn't find  that particular ribbon so she bought a substitute. I silently groaned and the first question out of my mouth was "Does it match the pink? " Thankfully she said yes and sure enough it did! The only other change of plan was last weekend  when it was decided 10 more baskets were needed but that was easily solved  with a trip to the Dollar Store along with some more cutting and stamping !

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your surprises can turn into a smile for you today : )

Stampin Sisters in Christ Challenge - something planted or incorporate green


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

OH WOW!!! Look at you go girl! This is FABULOUS! I've gotten HOOKED on altering things lately and this is just another example of how NOTHING should be thrown away! LOL!
Awesome job Marlene! MISS YOU! HUGS!

MariLynn said...

What a fun project. 50 of them. Wow you were ambitious. I am sure that they were loved and appreciated. My daughter's friend "May Dayed" her with a paper cup with random candy and she loved it. So I am sure that the recipients were overjoyed when they saw yours. Thanks for sharing with the Stampin' Sisters in Christ Challenge.